The history of tennis

Tennis is a ball sport for two players (singles) or pairs (doubles), in which a ball with an average diameter of 67 mm (usually yellow with white line) must be played with a racket over a net. Tennis was already played by the elite in the late Middle Ages. In its contemporary form, it originates …

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The history of cricket

Although playing with ball and bat was already known in the Middle Ages and will undoubtedly be older, British historians believed that the sport originated around 1600 in South East England. However, according to French historians, cricket is a French game and the English adopted it during the Hundred Years’ War. According to more recent …

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The history of football

The history of football has been debated for a long time. Because it is a popular sport worldwide, its origin is claimed by several countries. There is no doubt that the sport as it is played in the 21st century originated in Great Britain. Contents 1 Earliest forms of football 2 The early 19th century …

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